Batgirl Deluxe Kids Costume


Batgirl Deluxe Kids Costume

New Bat in TownThe world needs heroes! Batman does an alright job keeping the baddies at bay in Gotham, but we think he needs a little help. After all, The Joker, Poison Ivy, and Two-Face keep breaking out to cause mayhem in the city. Perhaps it’s about time that your girl started her hero training, so she can take over the role of Batman! She’s going to learn some serious super moves, along with a ton of cool gadgets and a really awesome crime-fighting outfit! You’d better start brushing up on all of the latest superhero techniques, but we have some great news! We can help your girl look the part if you can start the superhero training!Product DetailsNow, your child can begin her new career as a superhero with this Batgirl Deluxe Costume for kids! The officially licensed costume comes with everything your girl needs to look like the iconic hero. It starts with a purple jumpsuit that has a bright yellow and black bat-symbol on the chest. The yellow belt recreates the look of Batgirl’s utility belt, complete with a bat-symbol in the front. The gauntlets are a bright yellow to contrast the deep purple color of the suit and the matching boot covers slip over top of any pair of your child’s shoes. The mask completes the look and fits on your child’s face to get her ready to face off against the villains of Gotham City!Hero-in-Training!Once your girl is dressed up as one of Gotham’s greatest heroes, she’ll be ready to train like Barbara Gordon! You could start by teaching her how to use some bat-gadgets. And perhaps you could join her in the superhero business! We do carry plenty of costumes in the Batman-family, including Batman, Robin, Nightwing, and tons more based on the iconic comic book characters.

Turn your girl into a superhero in this Batgirl Deluxe Kids Costume. She will be the next crime fighter in Gotham.

SAS ID: 38286

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