Bandido Costume


Bandido Costume

Who was that masked man!?The bandido is an outlaw for good. He defends the common people from the corrupt authorities. He saves the helpless from all the bad guys. He protects the oppressed from thieves and other villains. And he always, always, always gets the girls.However does he do it? Well, he mysteriously appears in a mask and cape, his rapier flashing and his bullwhip slashing. He jumps from the rooftops and lands without a scratch. He swoops in to save the damsel at the last possible moment. Whew – sounds exhausting. So, what if we told you that you could be as cool as all that without the fighting and the gymnastics and the flying through the air? All you have to do is put on this Bandido Costume, and you’ll get all the respect of the real dude, and possibly lady admirers! Then sweep into the Halloween party wearing the velvet mask and the satiny, knee-length cape with a collar and chain clasp. Underneath, you’ll have on a gauzy cotton, flowy black shirt with long sleeves and a lace-up placket in front so you’ll still look the romantic hero if the party gets too warm for the cape. Black vinyl gloves have wide, flared cuffs have manly studs, and the velvet, tie-on belt is studded, too. And the hat. The iconic, flat brimmed velvet hat with a black bolo cord tops things off. Wear the ensemble with your own black pants and boots, or buy ours to complete your dashing look.

Why do all masked heroes have to be so mysterious? They should get out there and reap the glory of their deeds! But until that’s the norm and you have to wear a mask, then our Bandido Costume will do the trick.

SAS ID: 38286

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