Baby Shark Unisex Kids Costume


Baby Shark Unisex Kids Costume

DoDo, DoDoDoo!Who would have thought one of the top trending songs in the world would have few enough lyrics that every kid would be able to remember every word? A song that they would recite time and again and in turn get it stuck in our heads? Everyone had to look it up to see why the tune was sweeping the globe. That did nothing to help with its being stuck like superglue in our brains. Now all anyone needs is to hear the title and the infection of a song is playing on an infinite loop again. It’s so consuming that you find yourself dancing to it against your will, sometimes in public…There’s no stopping the song. There’s no stopping your little one from singing it under their breath wherever they go. It’s begun to haunt you in your dreams. Brightly colored aquatic creatures with big toothy grins swim around you begging for you to join in on their sing-along. You always wake up before you get to the end of the song in a cold sweat. It’s worse than a nightmare.Product DetailsWhat better way to get your little one dressed for Halloween than in something they love and that’s just a little bit scary? In this Baby Shark Costume, your kiddo will be ready to perform a haunting song and dance. The bright yellow puppet-costume will bring your little one’s regular dance moves to life with large soft-sculpted teeth and cartoon eyes on the attached mitts. Everyone will join in with your constant sing-along when they see your little one in this comfortably soft jumpsuit.One More Time!Sometimes the earworm of a song isn’t half bad. We’d even say it’s enjoyable or at least good for a laugh. We bet you feel the same about it. Especially when you see the look on your kiddo’s face anytime they hear just the beginning. Let them indulge in the phenomenon a little longer with this happy, yellow Baby Shark Costume.

Here is a Baby Shark Child Costume to go hunt doo doo doo doo doo, let’s go hunt! This product features a shark hand and a back fin.

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