Baby Dragon Costume Infant


Baby Dragon Costume Infant

Awaiting Your TitleWe’ve heard rumors that there are a few folks out there that are making pretty significant waves because of being the mom of dragons or the dad of drakes. It’s possible that there are a couple of aunts out there, too. We gotta wonder how much work went into making that happen. Did they spend months looking over their dragon eggs, studying up ancient tomes to figure out how to make sure that the little dragon inside hatched healthy and strong? Actually, thinking about it, while all that work sounds pretty rough, it’s gotta be a pretty good deal! Everyone thinks that babies are super cute and everyone out there knows that dragons are mystically amazing. Goes without saying that having both at once is bound to bring you fame and fortune in a snap! (Not to mention the fact that your little dragon kiddo is sure to have a delightful time playing with their adorable wings and learning how to flip that tail!) Product DetailsIt is time to claim your title and give your little one the time of their draconic lives with this Infant Dragon costume. This is a jumpsuit with metal snaps along the inseams and rubbery booties. Of course, the fun of the look is in the shiny purple and black design, the foam-backed wings, and the soft-sculpted dragon head hood! The tail has a heart-shaped tip. Each component has hook and loop fastening in case you need to downgrade your little draggo to lay them down for a dragon nap, too! A Flight of DragonsYou’ll feel pretty awesome at the fame coming to you when you’ve got a little dragon in the family. But, if being the warden of a wyrm isn’t enough, you can grab a dragon costume for yourself, too, and take to flight as a whole family!

Your little one will be adorable in this Infant Baby Dragon Costume. This purple onesie features wings, tail, and headpiece.

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