Avenging Assassin Women’s Costume


Avenging Assassin Women’s Costume

Uncouth OriginsJade Pheonix had a shaky start. She had a lot to learn after getting a second chance after getting caught in a violent situation. She was rude, disorganized, and just a little bit clumsy. But the organization saw potential in her. So she started her training. Pheonix learned how to blend in. She learned to speak three languages fluently to match the many passports the organization handed over. And of course, she learned all sorts of essential assassin parkouring moves. You know the type. She learned to scale a limestone wall, roll out of a moving car, and silently jump from roof to roof. She especially excelled at sliding down a rope from a glass dome and using a chandelier to propel herself to the next floor. Want to feel ready for anything like Jade Pheonix? You don’t need to go through rigorous training, you just need to look like you have had rigorous training with this sleek assassin costume!Product DetailsIn tough, black faux leather, this jumpsuit is a gorgeous showstopper. You’ll feel like a boss as you rock the high cut hips with sheer cutouts and a fitted bodysuit that zips up the front and has a high collar. The sleeves have a sheer undercut to make your awesome assassin poses extra picturesque. The belt clips around your waist to give the wet-look leather bodysuit an extra flattering shape. The jumpsuit is accessorized with a faux leather choker, a leg pouch, bullet bracelets, and fingerless gloves. All About AvengingNow, your mission might be above our pay-grade but that doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two. We do know you’ll be extra confident when you’re rocking this assassin ensemble. Whether you’re battling bad guys with a weapon prop from our catalog or you’re headed out empty handed like the toughie you are, this look will make you ready for anything!

Slay all who gaze upon you in this Women’s Avenging Assassin Costume. This sexy, form-fitting costume features sheer mesh panels and a belt.

SAS ID: 38286

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