Avengers Endgame Secret Wishes Scarlet Witch Women’s Costume


Avengers Endgame Secret Wishes Scarlet Witch Women’s Costume

THE WITCH RETURNSMost legends of witches note that part of their eternal threat is the fact that they really cannot be stopped. Some engage in strange rituals that gift them with everlasting youth, such that they never age and will remain centuries into the future. Others speak of the powerful necromantic forces that they bring to bear, beckoning spirits to ensure that if they ever meet an end through harm, the spirits will ferry the witch back to the land of the living for revenge. Now, the Scarlet Witch is a bit more confusing! Her magic is a strange blend of mutant abilities and the touch of the ancient power in the form of Chaos Magic. (The Sorcerer Supreme might have argued this wasn’t even real… because it was supposed to have been destroyed long ago—talk about resurrection!) It should be no surprise that the Scarlet Witch would manage to return to use after the wicked Decimating Snap and now it is time for some serious magic. PRODUCT DETAILSGet your red chaos energy moving when you wear this lovely Scarlet Witch costume from Avengers: Endgame. This officially licensed look features a long leather-like coat with perfect details to make it work as a movie replica. You’ll want to practice your hand gestures and the intense stare of Wanda in order to make this Scarlet Witch look really bring the magic home. The fingerless red gloves will go a long way to help you make that happen! THE POWER TO RESHAPEWhen you have access to the strange magic of Chaos, there really isn’t any limit to the things that you can manage to do. Unfortunately, the Scarlet Witch hasn’t always had perfect command of those abilities. The good news is that you’re going to look and feel awesome in this Endgame costume… even if you’ve still got some work to do on the magic.  

Take down Thanos in the Avengers Endgame Secret Wishes Scarlet Witch Women’s Costume. This red leather jacket and red shirt will make you look and feel like a real superhero.

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