Avengers Black Widow Women’s Leggings


Avengers Black Widow Women’s Leggings

Secret Mission MaterialGot a secret mission coming up? Then you want to gear up like Marvel’s greatest spy of all time, Black Widow. You might think that means grabbing all sorts of crazy gadgets, like the Widow’s Bite, or maybe a pair of deadly batons. After, she can take down super-powered baddies with a few simple weapons! But actually, a good portion of Black Widow’s skills including sneaking and espionage. That means traveling light and sleek. That’s exactly why these Avengers Black Widow Leggings are a dream for any super spy!Product DetailsSimple, yet awesome, these leggings are made of a form-fitting poly-spandex blend. They also have an elastic waistband and feature an embroidered Black Widow symbol on the front. The fabric has a black, shiny wet-look finish, helping add to the sleek style. They’re officially licensed from Marvel, so any S.H.I.E.L.D. agent will be proud to wear these on their next secret mission.Everyday EspionageIf you have an espionage mission for the Avengers coming up, then you’ll want to slip these sleek leggins on! If you just want to add a little superhero style to your everyday wardrobe, then these leggings are also a great choice.

These Avengers Black Widow Women’s Leggings are perfect for your Black Widow costume! Pair them with high heels for a sexy look!

SAS ID: 38286

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