Authentic Men’s Astronaut Costume


Authentic Men’s Astronaut Costume

Space CadetYou don’t want to go to outer space…you NEED to go. Like now. Ever since you were a wee lad, you’ve been working your way up to joining the space program. You received a dual degree in engineering and computer science, you finally logged your thousandth flight hour, and you’re fairly confident in your ability to ace the infamously grueling physical. You’ve worked hard, trained hard, and now that your application’s been sent, there’s nothing to do but wait and see……or is there? A lot of success is confidence, so perhaps suiting up in this Authentic Astronaut Costume for Men would put a pep in your step and give you a jolt of good luck! Once you get into the program, there will still be a good, long while before you finally get to hear those beloved words, “3…2…1…Lift Off!” This costume can take the edge off until your regulation suit becomes available, and can help you show your passion for space travel this Halloween!Design & DetailsCheck it out, this costume is the real deal! We’ve taken every detail into consideration to make this outfit feel authentic for you. It’s Made by Us, so you know the quality is superb and the details are on point. That’s because we design these exclusive costumes to last the test of time (though maybe not space travel, just an FYI) and dazzle you with special, authentic touches. This full space suit includes the jumpsuit, gloves, large rectangular pack, external hoses, and boot covers. Grab a regulation helmet (or leave it at home if you want your hands free for the duration of the costume party), and prepare to feel the thrill of your dream finally coming true! Next up: freeze-dried ice cream!Zero GravityIn this authentic look, nothing will be able to bring you down! You’ll be practically floating through the party in this space-ready costume. We wish you the best of luck with your application. And remember, astronauts never give up! If you have to reapply, at least you have this sweet suit to keep you busy in the meantime. 

Take one small step for man in the Men’s Authentic Astronaut Costume!

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