Animated Evil Twins Halloween Decoration


Animated Evil Twins Halloween Decoration

The story goes that these girls were normal twin sisters until an evil entity entered their bodies. All of a sudden, these sisters began a murderous rampage. No one was safe. Their first victim was the family cat, of course. Next, they butchered the babysitter and finally the twin sisters turned on their parents. Our best advice is to not stare into the eyes of the Animated Evil Twins decoration for too long or else the evil entity could jump into your body!Did we also mention that they love to talk to you? Yeah, these two make some terribly creepy sounds every once in a while that might keep you up at night; but that’s what the season is all about, right? Oh goodness we hope so because it’s been a few days since we’ve slept. Please help us and take care of them for a while.

Whatever you do, don’t make eye contact with this Animated Evil Twins decoration. You could be inviting the girls to haunt you for all of eternity. Yikes!

SAS ID: 38286

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