Animated Bloody Body Prop Halloween Decoration


Animated Bloody Body Prop Halloween Decoration

Dead TiredIt’s been a wild summer. Once again, you overscheduled. You didn’t have a free weekend from mid-June until early September. So once the nights started getting colder and school started again, you were actually relieved. Then the undead started showing up. You thought it was just a Halloween trick. There were people dressed in their funeral clothes dusted in grave dirt on the way to the town road from the cemetery. The dead had risen. They didn’t want brains. They didn’t want revenge. Honestly, we still don’t know what they want. They’re just not tired anymore. The news said it was a fluke. A one-time walking dead party. But then the newly dead started to wake as well. From crime scenes to body coolers, they were rallying. And the one thing that seems to give them a little peace? Halloween candy! Our suspicions? The dead just wanted one more night of trick-or-treating.Product DetailsThis grisly Halloween prop will create an eerie aura in your front yard. When trick-or-treaters approach, they’ll see what looks like a blood-splattered body under a sheet. The body will spring up as well as moan and cry. It’s powered by four AA batteries. Just over fifteen inches long, this prop is sure to give a yard extra drama on Halloween night. Choose between a timer or a sensor to make this animatronic prop work best for your Halloween festivities. Grave DecisionsAre you ready to unleash a seriously spooky atmosphere on your neighborhood? This bloody prop is just unique enough to stand out without scaring too many trick-or-treaters away. Choose between zombies and a crime scene situation to perfect your macabre decorations. You’ll get all sorts of jumps and shrieks once you activate this horrific prop. What better way to inspire a horrifically happy Halloween?

Set up a scary yard scene on Halloween with the Animated Bloody Body Prop. Find out who’s brave enough to approach your house.

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