All Powerful Cleopatra Plus Size Women’s Costume


All Powerful Cleopatra Plus Size Women’s Costume

Power, seduction, deceit, and gold eyeshadow. This is the legend left behind by the timeless queen, Cleopatra. She ruled Egypt and influenced Rome. She took down anyone that got too jealous of her natural born power. People still talk of her dramatic love affairs and her awesome eyeliner game, and we should. Hollywood drama has nothing on this Memphis powerhouse.What would happen if Cleopatra were alive today? We don’t think she’d be super impressed with the rich and powerful people of the world. Sure, they didn’t have cars back in the day but is that really an upgrade. We’ve given up fancy horses and golden chariots, not to mention golden boats floating down the Nile. Have you ever seen those Egyptian horses with fancy feathered headdresses? Yeah, a Mercedes Benz can’t beat that, at least when it comes to making an entrance. Cleopatra was really good at making an entrance. Have you ever been introduced to an official Roman dignitary after rolling out of a carpet? If you have you’ve beaten us and everyone we know in the interesting person game.If you’re ready to get in touch with your all-powerful ruler side than this Cleopatra costume can help you out. The dress is perfect for those hot nights on the Nile with light weight floor-length golden fabric. The collar is stately with black and gold stripes. No one is going to doubt your authority with this black panel and gold hieroglyphics and a crystal belt over top that matches the crystal and gold headpiece. You’re sure to make that legendary entrance with the golden cuffed sheer cape. If you want to roll yourself in a carpet and get yourself delivered to the party, that would be epic. Just remember to stay hydrated and pack some snacks!

Take command of your empire and rule with great authority in this exclusive All Powerful Cleopatra Plus Size Women’s Costume. Available in 1X and 2X.

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