Aladdin Toddler Abu Deluxe Costume


Aladdin Toddler Abu Deluxe Costume

Monkeying AroundHas your toddler been running around the house knicking snacks and small decorations lately? First, check under their bed for the missing decorations. Second, can we assume they have just seen Disney’s Aladdin? That sounds about right. Chances are they are exhibiting very Abu-like behavior after falling for Aladdin’s sassy sidekick. Honestly, we can’t blame their admiration. Abu is a very quick, very loyal, and very cute companion. There isn’t much you could dislike. Well, obviously the theft thing is annoying but other than that, that little monkey is a cool guy. Hopefully, you can nip your toddler’s treasure gathering in the bud soon. Until then we can confirm that their love of Abu is not going to burn out quickly. You can expect your little one will want to be his favorite Disney character at playtime and to hear stories about him at bedtime. You might even hear them request to be Abu for Halloween.Product DetailsThis Disney Aladdin Toddler Abu Deluxe Costume is the answer to your toddler’s request. The costume comes in 2 pieces so there’s no hassle getting ready to go and no need to wonder where all the accessories have wandered off to. The jumpsuit, inspired by Abu’s classic design, has a curly tail and stitched-in purple vest. The separate headpiece features Abu’s wide eyes, round ears, his tuft of hair, and signature purple hat. You’ll have everything you need to turn your toddler into their favorite Disney character.Lamp Not IncludedIt doesn’t seem wise to let a monkey have a powerful genie lamp. After all, monkeys are notorious for their hyperactivity and unpredictability, no one really knows what they’d do if granted 3 wishes. We’re going to hazard a guess and assume that is the reason there isn’t a lamp included with this costume. But if you do think your toddler can be trusted with all that magical power you can add one to complete this classic Disney look.

Turn your toddler in to Aladdin’s sidekick when you put them in this Aladdin Toddler Abu Deluxe Costume. It features the look of Abu from the Disney classic, Aladdin.

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