Adult Zombie Piggyback Costume


Adult Zombie Piggyback Costume

THE BEGINNING IS NEARThe dawn of the zombie apocalypse is upon us. We’ve been hearing about it in the news for quite a while now. “Be careful of anyone foaming at the mouth” and “please call the Center for Disease Control if you suddenly crave human flesh” are just some examples of public service announcements we’re aware of. But we’re innovators around here! A zombie apocalypse doesn’t mean worldwide destruction and countless casualties as long as a game plan is in place and boy, you better believe we’ve got one.      Our game plan is… *drumroll please*… to put those darn zombies to work! It’ll not only be beneficial to us but the entire world, if we can transform the inevitable hoards of zombies into productive citizens in our society, so we came up with a brilliant idea:”why not use zombies for transportation?” We all have to go places and taking a piggyback ride is a lot better than burning fossil fuel that’s harmful to the environment. Transporting via a zombie’s back to get to work just may solve all the problem’s in the world. PRODUCT DETAILS This costume creates a creepy-cool optical illusion. Basically, this costume consists of a pair of pants with an attached stuffed zombie figure. Slip the pants on and adjust the pants strings to your liking. The zombie is wearing a blood-spattered button-up (he’s looking professional since he’s off to work) and features bloodshot eyes, wounds all over the face and a bald head. Wear your favorite shirt, tee or long-sleeve, to complete the look. (Please note, this costume doesn’t come with the black t-shirt pictured.)PIGGYBACK ATTACK After experiencing a zombie piggyback ride, perhaps you’ll become curious to see what it’s like to hop on the backs of all kinds of bizarre beings. Lucky you, we have a skeleton and T-Rex adult piggyback costume so you can test those out too.       

This is an Adult Zombie Piggyback Costume that features a short zombie who is giving the wearer of the costume a piggyback ride.

SAS ID: 38286

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