Adult WWE Mankind Mask


Adult WWE Mankind Mask

Mick Foley AKA Cactus Jack AKA Dude Love is one of the best wrestlers of all time, that fact can’t be debated. However WWE fans can easily argue over which one of Mick’s personas is the most outrageous. Mankind is definitely our pick for crowd favorite!Inspired by Frankenstein and the tortured music of Tori Amos, a sock puppet wearing maniac emerged from the shadows. Mankind, whose persona focused around Foley speaking to a rat named George and living in a boiler room, easily become one of the top contenders for the heavyweight championship. With finishing moves like the double underhook DDT, it’s no surprise why he was feared in the ring. If you want to impersonate the WWE’s most mentally deranged (and most accomplished) wrestler, you will need the deranged looking mask. You’ll look prepared to race into the ring for a Boiler Room Brawl match when you’re outfitted in a dirty button up for a shirt, wearing a gym sock on your hand, and using this officially licensed adult WWE Mankind mask to conceal your identity. You’ll love meeting eye to eye with a wrestling fan and saying have a nice day!

Dress up as your favorite wrestler in this WWE Mankind mask for adults.

SAS ID: 38286

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