Adult Witch’s Moonlight Ride Halloween Sweater


Adult Witch’s Moonlight Ride Halloween Sweater

Serious Coven CredWith Halloween right around the corner, you can be sure that your local coven is dealing with an influx of applicants. Over the years, they have seen every kind of attempt to sway them into letting a last-minute wannabe into their crew. Last year a potential member stood outside the coven’s headquarters with a boombox playing spooky music until the high priestess threw a silencing charm out the window. They’ve been mailed countless bribes of anything from bat wings to chocolate-dipped mandrake root. And yes, they’ve seen people dress up in a witch costume and “casually walk by” the house. But we can tell you one thing for certain, they’ve never seen a sweater as wicked cool as this one! While we can’t promise it’ll get you into the coven, we can promise that your chances of getting invited on a midnight broom ride are higher than ever before!Whether you’re in the company of witches or not, this sweater calls out for a moonlit adventure. The woven pattern was created by our in-house graphic designers. The beckoning witches will add a touch of mystery and Halloween delight to any ensemble. This cozy sweater is perfect for throwing on for a bike ride on a chilly day or pairing with a pointed hat on Halloween night. With high-quality design and tight-knit blend, you’ll find this sweater maintains its charms for years to come!

Fly into your Halloween party looking warm and festive in our Witch’s Moonlight Ride Halloween Sweater!

SAS ID: 38286

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