Adult Wario Deluxe Costume


Adult Wario Deluxe Costume

UnpredictableMario is a kind of a bore. He’s predictably a goody-goody all of the time. He always follows the rules. He always drives the speed limit. He always helps the Mushroom Kingdom. He always fights the bad guys. It’s all so… dull.You know who’s not dull? Wario. He has the devilish good looks of Mario, except he gets to do whatever he wants. Why? Because he’s Wario! He gets to do whatever he wants because he’s the bad guy. He doesn’t have to save the Princess if he doesn’t feel like it. Wario rides a motorcycle. He likes to take baths in gold coins. He eats garlic instead of mushrooms. He wears yellow. He’s an enigma and he’s the furthest thing from boring.Product DetailsAre you tired of playing the boring hero? Then maybe it’s time to take on a wild side by dressing up as Wario from the Super Mario series. This adult Wario deluxe costume lets you transform into the villainous Nintendo character. It comes with a purple and yellow jumpsuit that mimics the look of Wario’s outfit from the video games. It even has an inflatable belly, which you can place inside the jumpsuit to get that classic plump look.  It also comes with a yellow hat, which has the big Wario “W” on the front. It also comes with a pair of gloves with a “W” on the front of each one. The final piece to this costume is the included faux mustache. It has attached adhesive backing, but works best with spirit gum.Motorcycle time!When you wear this Wario costume, you’ll be ready to join the rest of the Mario crew! You can even show up to the party riding a motorcycle, while Mario shops up riding on his lame old Yoshi.

Become Mario’s arch-rival with the Adult Wario Deluxe Costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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