Adult Vintage Halloween Cat Halloween Sweater


Adult Vintage Halloween Cat Halloween Sweater

The Witch’s FamiliarWe know the deal. You know it too, right? Cats are supposed to be the familiars of witches. Those little furry critters do the biddings of their masters and they signal the doings of dark magic. That’s all fine and good, but there’s just one little thing about that. Any cat owner can tell you, that you don’t own a cat… the cat actually owns you. So, what we want to know is this. How did witches ever learn to gain the power to control cats? We don’t think that there’s a sort of magic powerful enough to contain those curious little beasts!Well, this Vintage Halloween Cat Halloween Sweater may not give you the power to control cats. It will, however, give you a witch’s familiar in the form of a cozy sweater to wear through the spooky season this year! The sweater is crafted out of a cotton and acrylic blend that’s warm and comfortable, especially on those cool autumn days. It comes with a knit-in design of everything Halloween on the front, which includes a black cat, a mischievous moon in the background, and a pile of classic Jack o’ Lanterns. It’s perfect for cultivating a ‘casual witch’ look this year!

The Adult Vintage Halloween Cat Halloween Sweater is the perfect look for all the Halloween parties you’ll be attending this season!

SAS ID: 38286

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