Adult The Screamer Costume


Adult The Screamer Costume

Just Another Manic Munch-dayEvery artist has a different specialty. Some are wonderful at framing reality in a totally different way. Others are great at bringing reality to life. But they all convey different emotions. Monet knows how to convey a completely peaceful French countryside. While Manet brings a little more energy to his peaceful French hoity-toity party scenes. Dali was always trying to make people feel a little unhinged whereas Leonardo da Vinci smoothed things over and made us think. Picasso was everywhere, making us feel blue one in one period while lightening the mood in another. But Munch’s mood is more obvious than the rest. If you’re looking to bring Munch’s manic attitude to your next costumed event, we can think of no better costume than the Screamer!Product DetailsSimple is the name of the game with this look. Wear a neutral ensemble and let your face do all the talking when you fit this painting around your face. The background is a print of Munch’s famous work, The Scream, while the inflatable frame will make you seem fit for the Oslo Munch Museum. Frame YourselfWhether you’re dressing up for an art fundraiser or you just want a high brow twist to your Halloween costume, the Screamer costume is sure to be a lot of fun. Paint your face to match Munch’s expressionist style. Green, orange, and blue are sure to do the trick. You can have plenty of fun reacting to the outrageous things people say and all the spooky costumes that might come your way with the one appropriate way your character can react. That’s right, with an over the top scream. You decide if you want to keep it quiet or not. Feeling lonely thematically? Pair up with the Mona Lisa to make this a couples costume masterpiece!

You may look terrified, but everyone else will be laughing when they see you in the Adult The Screamer Costume. The best part is that everyone knows Edvard Munch’s The Scream painting so you won’t have to explain.

SAS ID: 38286

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