Adult Tan Pants


Adult Tan Pants

Once upon a time there was a buccaneer. He loved hygiene and being clean. Even after fighting he would check his clothing for dirt. He really liked to keep his favorite pair of tan pants spotless. Often time washing them multiple times a week. And, back in his time all the washing was done by hand, so he spent much of his life just in boxers scrubbing away. But, let’s face it. He always looked handsome. In his days fighting bad guys, he also swooned many princesses. No matter if you are an extra clean buccaneer, Robin Hood, a renaissance elf, or Link, these Adult Tan Pants will look great on you! They are 100 polyester interlock knit fabric and made to look good. The elastic waistband makes swashbuckling much easier than typical pants.

Do you ever feel like you need some tan pants to go with your outfit? Then we’ve got you covered with our Adult Tan Pants! They’re versatile and go with a bunch of stuff from Renaissance to the green elf!

SAS ID: 38286

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