Adult Stranger Things Eleven Plaid Shirt


Adult Stranger Things Eleven Plaid Shirt

Rightside UpOh, hey there. We see you sitting comfortably in the…Rightside Up…staring intently at this Adult Stranger Things Eleven Plaid Shirt. That’s a wise move…or is it? It depends. How badly do you want to experience the Upside Down? How much do you want to find your real mother? How passionate are you about frozen waffles?  You see, this isn’t just a shirt. No, no, no friend. This plaid top is a portal, of sorts, into the life and mind of your favorite Stranger Things character, El! The thing is, we can’t guarantee what will happen to you when you put it on. We’ve done some top secret testing here, but we’re still awaiting results (Hopper tried to shut us down). You may slip it on and find yourself in a cabin in the woods, or spontaneously transported to Chicago to find Eight…but rest assured, when you put this shirt on, the fate of Hawkins—and your friends—likely rests in your powerful hands. We’re not trying to scare you, it’s just…it’s kind of hard being El. All that “with great power comes great responsibility,” stuff. So stare away at this cool retro plaid, but if it starts to move, that pretty much means it’s made for you! Product Details Just like Stranger Things, this costume is about more than meets the eye. It’s an oversized button-up with a tan tartan pattern and front pocket detailing. It will look on point with a pair of overalls and a really, really intense stare (but you’ve been practicing that already!). Becoming ElevenWe know it’s hard to have so much power and to have everyone after you all the time. This shirt can’t help you avoid those out to do you harm or even fight the Demogorgon, but it can help you channel Eleven’s bad-to-the-bone nature. And so far, that’s gotten her pretty far.  

Add this Adult Stranger Things Eleven Plaid Shirt to the Eleven overalls for a complete 80’s look just like in the television show.

SAS ID: 38286

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