Adult Stranger Things Dustin Waupaca Shirt


Adult Stranger Things Dustin Waupaca Shirt

THESSALHYDRAS AND T-SHIRTS A Dungeons & Dragons-obsessed teen didn’t exactly scream “fashion icon” to us either but that was before we became acquainted with Dustin Henderson, the kid who made the AV Club cool for the first time ever. Dustin just has an indescribable quality that transforms things that are a little nerdy into things that are supremely cool. His short-lived pet, Dart, is another prime example of this. Basically, Dart was a blind slug and after nurturing from Dustin, Dart turned into a full-blown Demo-dog — an awesome term coined by the curly-haired high-schooler. He’s got that magical touch making him our t-shirt inspiration, all day every day. Before Stranger Things, we had no clue that Waupaca was even located in Wisconsin (oops) so Dustin is not only schooling us in fashion but also in geography. If you want to recreate Dustin’s iconic and laid-back look the this officially licensed tee is a good place to start. You can also use it as a pop- culture relevant costume many will recognize and adore because when it comes to Dustin, not adoring him is impossible. Now if only we could mimic his one-of-a-kind smile…PRODUCT DETAILSCalling everyone who only wears comfortable, low-maintenance and pertinent costumes! The Dustin Waupaca shirt recreates the lovable high schooler’s infamous look from season 1 of Netflix’s Stranger Things. The comfy tee is made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex while the graphics are screen-printed on the tee. It’s perfect for intense games of D&D, destroying supernatural creatures, or just kicking it with your buds. IT’S THE STRANGEST THINGThe simple and relaxed t-shirt can be made into a convincing costume by adding a simple accessory. Wear it with a favorite pair of jeans and sneakers and top the look off with the baseball hat with attached curly wig.               

The Adult Stranger Things Dustin Waupaca Shirt will have you crushing demogorgans on Halloween night!

SAS ID: 38286

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