Adult State Trooper Costume Super Troopers


Adult State Trooper Costume Super Troopers

Super troopers FunAre you ready for some Super Troopers fun? Of. Course. You. Are. You’ve been on board with Super Troopers since the Brozen Lizard broke through in 2001 with their raucous comedy hit about the Vermont Highway Patrol. And when they came back in 2018? You were over the moon! From the first maple syrup chug to battling Canadian Mounties in the sequel, you’ve been a fan of the fun.Which is to say, you’ve probably always wanted to suit up for some Super Troopers shenanigans yourself. You might have never had the opportunity, but this is your time! Because we’ve got this authentic Super Troopers costume just for you! That’s right, it’s officially licensed, and it’s designed by us to match the costume worn in the film. So, the only question for you, is which Trooper do you want to be?Product DetailsThis Adult Super Troopers Costume is a Made by Us exclusive, officially licensed by Twentieth Century Fox. We teamed up with the studio to create a style that’s a worthy recreation of the costumes worn in the film, which are in turn obviously inspired by the traditional uniforms of a highway patrol unit. This costume ensemble comes with a shirt, pants, hat, tie, badge, and name pins. Slip ’em all on, and you’ll have an instant recreation of the classic movie look.Gimme a liter of colaBe Farva and order a liter of cola, be the trickster Mac, you could even choose to be Rabbit when you’ve got this costume. This costume includes 5 name badge pins for each character: Ramathorn, Foster, Womack, Roto, and Farva. Whatever character you decide to be, when you suit up with this costume, the time is meow!

There won’t be any running from the law when you put on the Adult State Trooper Costume. This costume pays homage to the Super Troopers comedy!

SAS ID: 38286

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