Adult Skull & Bones Skeleton Morphsuit Costume


Adult Skull & Bones Skeleton Morphsuit Costume

If you want to be something truly terrifying this Halloween, you’ll need to step your game up. The easiest way to do so, in our opinion, is with this brutal Skull and Bones Skeleton Morphsuit. If this doesn’t give people nightmares, we don’t know what will!This morphsuit won’t transform you into just another bonehead that looks like he escaped from a high school biology classroom. No, this one-piece will truly make you a terror in the night. Don’t settle for looking like a regular ole skeleton that wondered too far from the boneyard. Those costumes are way over played. Go for a more original look this year. With this morphsuit you’ll transform into some sort of demonic creature from the depths of Hell! Just look at that scary face covering the torso of this costume. If haunting people’s nightmares, is what you aim to do this Halloween then you really need to look no further. We know, without a doubt, that this is the costume for you. The best thing about this morphsuit is that it is all you will need. Most other costumes have a butt-load of accessories in order to complete the horrific illusion. However this morphsuit is sure to get some good screams, needing nothing else but a body to wrap itself around!Kick your Halloween up a notch this year when you transform into a creature that no one can name or define. You’ll surely be an image that haunts dreams for years to come!

Become a truly horrifying creature in this Adult Skull & Bones Skeleton Morphsuit!

SAS ID: 38286

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