Adult Red Morphsuit Costume


Adult Red Morphsuit Costume

We really, really wish our skin was red. Why the weird desire? Well, first of all, it’s not weird. Second, we’re not quite sure the origin of this deep desire, but it’s always been a dream of ours to be the color of apples and rubies! Not to mention, everyone would be naturally attracted to us.Imagine the possibilities. With red skin, we could frolic through rose bushes and apple orchards on a weekday afternoon without bearing the judgemental gaze of modern society. We could sell everything—our vehicles, our homes, our clothes—and skip town to the orchards on the outskirts of some sweet, oceanic California town, and there we could escape the anxiety-inducing worries of adulthood. We could finally, after years of unrealized dreams, steal the show at the running with the bulls (though we may require a police escort, if those are a thing).We thought our dream could never be, but then the team at Morhpsuits created something quite amazing—beautiful in its simplicity and awe-inspiring in its sleek shine. This Red Morphsuit is the perfect shade of red and it fits like a glove, so it’s as close to having red skin as we might ever get. We’d recommend nabbing one while they’re still around, because the office is already stocking up, formulating plans to wind in and out of crowds and up and over fences—dodging bull horns in San Sebastian, Spain all the way.

This Adult Red Morphsuit Costume will come in handy if you want to blend into a red background.

SAS ID: 38286

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