Adult Rage of Cthulhu Halloween Sweater


Adult Rage of Cthulhu Halloween Sweater

Awoken HorrorsFinally, the creature stirs. From the darkest depths of the oceans, below a long-forgotten temple, an eons-old entity awakens from its slumber. What does Cthulhu desire? World domination? Destruction of the human race? To sow chaos into the very fabric of reality? To create her own line of seafood restaurant chains? No one really knows. The one thing we do know is that you never want to be on Cthulhu’s bad side. What better way to earn a few brownie points with a terrifying cosmic entity than by wearing a sweater with her likeness on the front?So, you want to get on Cthulhu’s good side? Well, this Rage of Cthulhu Halloween Sweater is an easy way to garner favor with the ancient deity! It’s from our line of Halloween Sweaters that provide you with a creepy, yet comfy, way to celebrate the holiday. The sweater is made from a cotton and acrylic blend that will help keep you warm on cool autumn nights and the green hues give it a truly terrifying aura. The front even captures the tentacled appearance of Cthulhu in all of her glory, along with various cryptic runes on the top and bottom. We expect it to be all the rage with the residents of R’lyeh.

In this Adult Rage of Cthulhu Halloween Sweater you will be scaring off all the faint of heart. This knit sweater features Cthulhu on the front with some knitted-in mythical symbols.

SAS ID: 38286

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