Adult Pilot Long Sleeve Shirt


Adult Pilot Long Sleeve Shirt

GET STRAIGHT TO THE AIRIt used to be a lot easier to get your wings and sail through the sky.  But, now, you’ll be expected to tackle at least 1,500 hours in the air (not to mention a ton of cash) to get your license to ferry people from place to place in a plane.That’s basically two months of flying for 24 hours a day… and we’re pretty sure that folks aren’t going to let you just hit autopilot while you sneak in a nap.  That’s not nearly enough time to get your shoulder patches for your next social affair.  How will you impress everyone with your pilot smile?DESIGN & DETAILSFortunately, our in-house designers have thousands of hours logged at the drawing board and have crafted this exclusive Pilot Shirt and Tie to give you a wing up over the rest.  This long-sleeved button-up shirt has a pristine collar, dual pockets, and blue and gold accents at the shoulder to mark you as an official pilot.  Keep things professional with the navy blue tie and you’re ready to fly.A SHORTCUT TO THE SKIESIt takes a long time and tons of cash to earn your pilot wings.  While we’re not sure it is considered 100% official according to the FAA, you’ll at least look the part with this exclusive Pilot Shirt and Tie set! 

You’ve earned your wings! Throw on this Adult Pilot Long Sleeve Shirt and get up in the air!

SAS ID: 38286

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