Adult Oogie Boogie Prestige Costume


Adult Oogie Boogie Prestige Costume

As a kid, you were probably spooked by Oogie Boogie. He’s basically the creepiest potato sack ever. Oogie is the proverbial boogeyman so he specializes in all things scary. He has two spiders for eyes, a snake for a tongue, and he’s filled to the brim, contributing to his hideous appearance. Oogie Boogie may be a rotten scoundrel, but despite his wickedness we grew to appreciate him once we aged. As we transformed from children into adults, we finally realized that Oogie, despite being icky, is actually a boss. Oogie Boogie is the best at what he does. No one can scare like he can (that’s right.. not even the Pumpkin King. Sorry Jack.) Plus, he’s able to kidnap the one and only Santa Claus so basically he’s the biggest gangster in Halloween Town! As we matured, we also began to admire his gambling skills. The bug-filled burlap sack monster is able to manipulate things to always go his way. We can’t help but admire him for all of his spunk! If you’re a new admirer of the one and only boogeyman then you’ll love pulling all the strings in Halloween Town by dressing in this Oogie Boogie prestige costume. You’ll get to fill the dreams of mortals “to the brim with fright” once outfitted in the stuffed costume decorated with stitches. The mask’s mouth is decorated with colorful insects while the menacing mesh-covered eyes allow you to see out. Wear it and everyone will have to respect your authority!

Transform into the Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas in this prestige adult costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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