Adult Masha and the Bear Bear Costume


Adult Masha and the Bear Bear Costume

Bear Knows Best!Bear is refined. He drinks tea. He’s smart and he enjoys reading books. He’s good with his paws and can often be seen crafting engineering feats not usually completed by bears. He’s kind and often shares his home with animal friends in the forest, like Raccoon and Mouse. He’s patient and he doesn’t lose his temper, even when a certain little girl that visits his home is acting naughty. He’s the perfect role model for young, impressionable kids… and if ANYONE can teach Masha a thing or two about manners, friendship, and how to be a good person, it’s Bear!Well, now you can become Bear to teach your child some friendly lessons, just like Bear does for Masha in Bear and Masha! All you need is this officially licensed costume from the animated series!Product DetailsThis Masha and the Bear Costume transforms you the big friendly bear from the woods! The costume comes with a dark brown jumpsuit with a soft exterior… perfect for snuggles with your little one! The belly is cream-colored, just like Bear’s belly from the show. Soft mitts turn your hands into cute bear claws and the legs even have shoe covers, so you can wear any pair of shoes with this outfit! Finally, the costume comes with a hood, which has Bear’s adorable eyes and big, soft-sculpted nose in front. It fits with a simple fastener under the chin, so you can finish your transformation into Bear in an instant!Mishka and MashaIf your little one loves Masha and the Bear, or if you just want to teach your child some new life lessons, then this Bears costume is a cozy way to do it! With a comfy style and details taken straight from the cartoon series, you’ll feel just like the lovable “Mishka.”

Keep little Masha out of trouble in this Masha and the Bear Adult Bear Costume. This costume features the look of the fatherly bear in the Masha and the Bear series.

SAS ID: 38286

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