Adult Leapin’ Leopard Costume


Adult Leapin’ Leopard Costume

INSTANT SPOTIFIERThe whole jungle is constantly gossiping about the poor critter. Leap one time from a tree into the oasis waters and splash the supposed ‘king of the jungle’ with a couple of piranhas and suddenly the leopard has fallen even lower than the dung beetle in the animal kingdom. The hyena even laugh about the tired old joke: a panther can’t change its spots. What is that even supposed to mean!? Well, we think that it is time to help the poor leopard out and give the great cat a chance to tell its story, clear its name, and remove the stain from its noble spots! And you can do just that when you get this Adult Leapin’ Leopard Costume. We suspect that the leopard was simply trying to cool the lion off, anyways. We trust that your heart is in the right spot, so let’s get some spots everywhere else!DESIGN & DETAILSChannel the adorable antics and feline fun with a serious leopard look thanks to our Made by Us Leapin’ Leopard costume. This is a comfy-as-heck jumpsuit that turns leopard print into a whole new experience. You’ll have a fuzzy white belly and the iconic spots all over from your boot covers to your stuffed tail and all the way up to the leopard ears on your hood. Prowl the urban jungle and you might manage to make some other furry and feathered friends! (Who knows, you might even make amends with that lion!) A LEOPARD’S SPOTS…They say that a leopard can’t change its spots, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t change yours! Show off the dazzling looks of the leopard and help the world see this proud puddy for the great cat it truly is! 

This Adult Leapin’ Leopard Costume is FIERCE.

SAS ID: 38286

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