Adult Jersey Pumpkin Dress Costume


Adult Jersey Pumpkin Dress Costume

You’ll be the most fashionable pumpkin in the patch! You’ve probably dressed up as a pumpkin before. You know, wore a plain orange top, maybe some black or green leggings, and fastened something in your hair to serve as a type of stem. It was all basically just old stuff that you dug out of your closet so others wouldn’t scrutinize you for not joining in on the Halloween festivities. Well, say goodbye to that makeshift costume you created out of desperation and say hello to a high-fashion pumpkin costume that will earn you tons of compliments. It’s a great way to take a traditional costume and make it your own! Trust us, you’ll feel anything but bland in this pumpkin dress. This jersey pumpkin dress is both a classic costume that has a trendy vintage flair. The off-the-shoulder mini dress is reminiscent of an 80’s themed costume but the cute jack-o-lantern face on front clearly signifies that this costume is really just an updated version of a classic pumpkin costume. We recommend pairing some knee-length socks with striped to give off a sporty vibe and you can never go wrong with a pair of combat boots. Wear this costume to a party, while trick or treating, or while frolicking in a patch for other pumpkins who don’t look nearly as stylish as you!

This Adult Jersey Pumpkin Dress is a fun and comfortable take on a classic Halloween costume idea.

SAS ID: 38286

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