Adult Harry Potter Deluxe Gryffindor Robe Costume


Adult Harry Potter Deluxe Gryffindor Robe Costume

A Novel IdeaUpon recent rereading of the Harry Potter novels, your Gryffindor soul has come to a recklessly brave conclusion: the books are better than the movies. Okay, maybe the idea isn’t that over-the-top. You are definitely not the first to believe this. That means you’ll be able to find plenty of groups that will discuss the intricacies and frustrating departures the movies make from canon. However, after a childhood spent reading the books just to see what would happen before the next movie came out, your world feels a little shaken. The good news is (like we’ve mentioned) you’re not alone in your belief, and preferring the books doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the abridged movie-version of your favorite stories—your Harry Potter movie marathons can continue. Since you’ve been sorted into Gryffindor (by all of the sorting hat quizzes you can find) you’re also prepared to share your new truth to the world with unflinching confidence. In true Harry Potter style, your strong convictions will bring you success when you tell your friends just why the books deserve even higher praise than they’ve already enjoyed.Product DetailsWhen you’re off to spread the word of Harry Potter’s brilliance, make sure you’re dressed for the task. To take your Harry Potter expertise seriously, some people may need visual proof of your dedication. This exclusive Gryffindor Robe should do the trick. With the Gryffindor lion stitched to the front of your robe, there are few that would question your spirited proclamations. The deep-black shell lined with russet satin might be inspired by the movies, but when you stroll into a room and it lifts and flows behind you, we can nearly guarantee you’ll gain the attention and courage necessary to explain your case.Go For BoldAlright, even if you do think the books are better than the movies, you may not need a robe to convince those around you that you are an authority on why that’s true. This deluxe set of robes may just be what you’ve been looking for to create your latest Harry Potter-themed costume. Either way, we recommend throwing this deluxe set of Gryffindor robes around your shoulders the next time you’re looking to make a bold statement.

So you’ve received your letter, and it’s time to get your wizarding supplies.You could head to Diagon Alley, or you could shop right here and get your Harry Potter Adult Deluxe Gryffindor Robe for the semester.

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