Adult Dentist Costume


Adult Dentist Costume

INCISORS AND BICUSPIDS AND CANINES—OH MY! The road to becoming a dentist is long and arduous. First, you need a Bachelor’s degree, then another 4 years of schooling, then it’s time to take a very difficult test (oh and passing it is also a requirement), then (we’re assuming) enrolling in a residency program where you do all the work and get none of the credit, and you’ll most likely have to extract numerous teeth from children screaming bloody murder. Sounds fun—not! Why not skip all the books-tests-and-studying-mumbo-jumbo and pretend that looking into the mouths of strangers is what you do for a living? That’s all possible thanks to the adult dentist costume. Nobody will question your credentials, trust us. The world is your oyster (or should we say, the world is your own personal pearly white tooth.) If you’re in the mood to drill fillings and create crown moldings for fellow party-goers, the adult dentist costume will sooth your molar-loving soul!    PRODUCT DETAILSThe adult dentist costume comes with everything you need, except a diploma from an accredited university. (Oh well!) A  Made by Us design, this ensemble will convince people that you’re actually a practicing dentist as long as you lead every conversation with, “open up and say ahhh!” You receive a white lab coat with real pockets and real buttons. An official-looking name tag with the phrase, “Dr. Socket Dental Center” is embroidered on the chest with an image of a tooth. To round out the look of an official dentist, you’ll also receive stretchy blue gloves and a surgical face mask, you know, for sanitary purposes and what not.        SAY AHHHHNo dentistry costume is complete without a few gadgets! For a more professional and polished appearance, pick up a couple scalpel props to stick in your pocket because real dentists use scalpels, right?

Is your dream job to be a dentist? This Halloween live your dream by wearing this ecxlusive Adult Dentist Costume!

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