Adult Chase from Paw Patrol Jumpsuit


Adult Chase from Paw Patrol Jumpsuit

2 Heroes in 1Chase is on the case! If your child loves Paw Patrol, then that is a phrase that you’ve probably heard your child shout excitedly while watching the latest episode of Paw Patrol. And why not? Chase is ultra-cool, he helps save all the citizens of Adventure Bay from trouble, and he even drives a super-awesome police truck. He has all of the qualities that a kid’s hero should have! But do you know who else is your child’s hero? It’s you, you silly goose!Your child looks up to you more than you might know… so just imagine the look on your child’s face when you combine two favorite heroes into one! All you have to do is dress up in this Paw Patrol Chase Costume to surprise your little one!Product DetailsThe Paw Patrol Chase Costume is an officially licensed costume for adults that will have you looking like your child’s favorite character from the animated series. It starts with a simple jumpsuit that has printed details on the front and back. The top looks like Chase’s police uniform, while the bottoms are printed to look like puppy legs! Elastic in the cuffs help provide a snug, yet comfy fit. Of course, the finishing touch to this outfit is the hat, which even has a pair of puppy dog ears to make you look like the pup from the show.Paw Patrol, to the Lookout!When you dress up in this Paw Patrol costume, you’ll be ready for any kind of emergency that happens in Adventure Bay! Of course, you could always team up with your little ones by outfitting them with a Paw Patrol costume of their own. That way, when there’s any trouble, you’ll be there on the double… in doubles!

Catch a bad guy, or just sit and watch morning cartoons, in the Paw Patrol Adult Chase Jumpsuit. This brown jumpsuit has a blue police jacket and Chase’s collar printed on it, as well as Chase’s police cap.

SAS ID: 38286

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