Adult Beetlejuice Lydia Deetz Halloween Sweater


Adult Beetlejuice Lydia Deetz Halloween Sweater

Day-O ReckoningLet’s say you walk into the attic of your new home and are immediately confronted by a couple of ghosts. What’s your first impulse? Would you run, hide, and call a priest? Or would you do as the macabre-loving Lydia Deetz did and extend a curious helping hand to the lost spirits? Whether you’d turn tail or you’d stay, channeling Lydia is sure to help you feel brave in the face of all sorts of ghoulish potential this Halloween season. You can walk into your local haunted corn maze with your head held high, knowing that you’ll be fine when you run into a ghoul because you, yourself, are strange and unusual. That’s the Lydia Deetz advantage. This bright sweater will let you celebrate the wonder and weirdness of the Halloween season. Designed by our in-house creative team, it features a bright color scheme and all sorts of macabre symbols from the classic Tim Burton film. Lydia Deetz is featured with The Handbook for the Recently Deceased. The pattern of eerie images is woven into this cozy sweater, making this sweater a layer that you’ll be able to wear for many Octobers to come. Beetlejuice has been warming your heart for years, now it can finally warm your bones! 

Get your Halloween fashion on this October when you wear this Beetlejuice Lydia Deetz Halloween Sweater. It features Lydia on the front and has Beetlejuice imagery in an ugly sweater print style.

SAS ID: 38286

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