Adult Beast Hood


Adult Beast Hood

Between work and Halloween plans how are you supposed to fit in time to go home and get dressed for the festivities? You certainly don’t want to become one of those sad people who arrive at the party acting like they’re too good to dress up any more, now that they’re professional adults. Pshh, just because you wear a tie you’re not supposed to have fun anymore? Ugh, please. Here’s your Halloween game plan: leave the office, get in the elevator, take off your tie and unbutton your white shirt a couple notches, then put on this hat. By the time you leave the building you’ll be prepared, looking just like the beast in his magical beast to prince transformation. You’ll be far from phoning it in with this fierce look but you haven’t even wasted the time it takes to go home. Now you’ll even have a chance to grab a bite to eat at the party. Just be sure to use your spoon like Belle taught you to.

You’ll instantly transform into the beast in this character hood, almost as if someone had cast a spell!

SAS ID: 38286

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