Ace Ventura Women’s Costume


Ace Ventura Women’s Costume

WHAT’S ALL THIS PET FOOD?Any reasonable person is an animal lover. But, is just being an animal lover enough for you? Or are you the type that smuggles furry, feathered, and scaled creatures into your apartment and has to engage in a secretive key-jingle to alert your companions to seek a hiding spot lest your landlord discovers the truth? How many strays have you smuggled into your home, despite the protests of your family members? Maybe you seek out a particularly pet-themed vocation? Well, for a person with your level of charisma and creative investigation, those standard jobs just won’t do. A dog-walker? That’s not even a job for you since they’re already following you around. A pet psychic? No; that’s working with people too often. It’s got to be the route of Ace Ventura, the Pet Detective of Miami. It is time to locate missing pets, speak on behalf of the animal kingdom, and solve crimes of those who would dare involve our bestial friends. DESIGN & DETAILSNo matter who you are, you’re going to love this twist on an iconic look. Our in-house design team consists of a whole lot of animal lovers and Jim Carrey fanatics. It is only natural that this Ace Ventura costume would top their charts! That’s why this costume is pure perfection. Start with practically animated ruched pants with vertical black and red stripes. The shirt is wild, tropical, and hits up that feminine style with shirt flaps you can tie in the front. Cinch the look together with a wide dark belt and the official ID badge of Ace Ventura and you’ll have a case in a snap! ALRIGHTY, THEN!Once you’ve got your look down pat and you’ve patted your pet’s head, you’re good to go on the case. Just remember your key lines because you wouldn’t want anyone to think that you are the loo-who-zuh-her! 

Get on the case in our Women’s Ace Ventura Costume. In this exclusive costume, you can be the infamous pet detective.

SAS ID: 38286

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