A League of Their Own Dottie Costume for Infants


A League of Their Own Dottie Costume for Infants

The Visiting TeamRecently the All-American Babies Professional Baseball League stopped by with a few of their newest recruits for an interview. Once everyone was able to focus on the task at hand, instead of the tiny-leaguers and their positively unbeatable cuteness, we got to work.We did have some trouble getting answers from the players and relied heavily on interpreting their saliva bubbles and coos, but we did discover that their skills, well, they’re low. Half of every team can’t actually stand on their own legs, according to their coaches. As for runs, well, those are essentially out of the question given the previous information. But we were assured that each member of the AABPBL was picked for their energy and willingness to keep the tears to a minimum. We also found that along with grips that will come in handy when it’s their turn at bat, these rookies had surprisingly powerful pitching abilities!Design & DetailsBefore the AABPBL left, we asked if they would try on our A League of Their Own baseball uniforms. The simple 3-piece composition, from our in-house designers, was a home run for the babies and their coaches. The pink, jersey-knit dress not only looked sharp on each tiny-leaguer but made getting in and out of the locker room quick work. Being attracted to bold colors, the rookies loved the bright red belt and Rockford Peaches hat. Their coaches were partial to the fact that the patches and belt were attached and that the buttons were printed on the uniform, noting that those details couldn’t go missing or find their way into little mouths.All SmilesWe’re pleased to announce that while each new recruit might not have the skills of the A League of Their Own players, they did love looking the part. And we take their slobbery-smiles as a recommendation for your little one to look Hall of Fame ready in this Made By Us infant costume.

Send your kid to the ballpark in this adorable Infant A League of Their Own Dottie Costume. This features a red ball cap, pink 40’s baseball uniform, red chunky belt, and red leggings.

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