80’s Valley Girl Plus Size Costume for Women


80’s Valley Girl Plus Size Costume for Women

If you’re planning on being a valley girl for Halloween, then you need a sassy sense of style, familiarity with a hair crimper, and you should really know the valley girl anthem. Memorized, recited, and sung by like, every single valley girl that’s like, ever lived, this little ditty has become a catchy mantra for privileged ladies everywhere. Here are the lyrics! Learn it. Live it. Love it.Valley Girl Anthem (sung to the melody of Aqua’s hit song, “Barbie Girl”) I’m a valley girl, in my privileged worldUsing daddy’s plastic, it’s fantasticYou can tease my hair, fly me everywhereA declaration, my life’s a celebration(Duh, Duh, Duh, Yea!)Just read over the lyrics a couple of times and the jingle will be sealed into your memory for years to come. Pretty soon you’ll be locking arms with your valley girl besties and strolling down Rodeo Drive while singing the tune, but first you’ll need to put on this plus size 80’s valley girl costume. It embodies your carefree Cali attitude and it comes in one convenient package. You’ll love wearing the neon mini dress, which displays a cute zebra print bottom and an electric yellow top. The ensemble is topped off with a hot pink blazer and a matching scrunchie. Accessorize with bangle bracelets and a pair of leg warmers to really set off your outfit. With this costume and your newfound knowledge of the anthem you’ll be the queen bee of your valley girl clique. Like, totally!             

Flash back to the 80’s in this women’s plus size Valley Girl costume. Available in 1X and 2X.

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