5th Element Leeloo Orange Harness Costume


5th Element Leeloo Orange Harness Costume

If your name is Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat then you need…a shorter name. You will also need an amazing outfit that you can rely on when you’re a supreme being tasked with saving the universe from destruction. You may happen to run into some Mangalores that want to fight, or you might have to take Korben Dallas out on a date (but only with your permission). Either way, this officially licensed 5th Element Leeloo Orange Harness Costume is a supreme way for you to be ready for both! It comes straight from your favorite SciFi classic film and brings Leeloo’s deadly and alluring look right to you, without your even having to get reconstructed from a severed arm or jumping through the roof of a flying cab! Talk about a real win-win for you.You’ll love rocking these slim-fit metallic low-rise pants, foam harness, and ribbed shirt almost as much as you’ll love flashing your customizable Multi-Pass around all night at the party. Of course, without her signature hair, Leelooo seems a little less “supreme,” so we’ve thrown in this orange bob wig for good measure. Dress your fella as Korben for a fun couple’s costume that only the in-crowd will get. Or you can go solo and seek out a rendezvous with Vito Cornelius. Even if you don’t find him, your killer costume will still be the element of the party that everyone is still talking about on Monday!

Play the role of an intriguing movie character in this officially licensed 5th Element Leeloo Orange Harness Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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