11″ Oil Slick Black Ram Skull Halloween Decoration


11″ Oil Slick Black Ram Skull Halloween Decoration

Out of Your DreamsWe’ve been having strange dreams lately. A murky fog rolls out of a crack in the middle of a country road. It comes at us like a wave. We try to run away but you know what happens when you try to run in dreams. And then we end up in the middle of a field with a group of enigmatic folks dressed in black and standing in a circle. We know this can’t be good, especially since we’re tied to an altar in the middle of everything. Then a tall fella walks up and raises an eerie ram skull above his head while standing over our prone body. What does this dream mean? We really don’t know. What do we know? We’re extra inspired to decorate for Halloween this year and we’re going to start with a ram skull like this one, straight from that reoccurring nightmare!Project DetailsJust under a foot long, this ram will make an eerie display pop! The iridescent color strikes a different tone than any other skeleton props out there. With twisting horns and a glossy finish, the traditional skull has gotten a modern twist. Time to dream up the rest of your Halloween decor around this awesome centerpiece!

Spruce up your home, office or even bedroom with the 11″ Oil Slick Black Ram Skull. Make your environment a little spookier with this black ram skull.

SAS ID: 38286

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