10″ Tall White Pumpkin Halloween Decoration


10″ Tall White Pumpkin Halloween Decoration

Patch it upIt was a lot of fun to go visit the pumpkin patch when you were a kid. It’s not all about size and weight. You wanted a pumpkin with perfect ridges and an aesthetically pleasing shape. Here’s the thing, back in the day you had an adult bringing you out for a day out to pick out your perfect pumpkin. It was an event. It’s not quite as fun to pick out your favorite pumpkin as an adult. You’ve got to take time out of your precious weekend. And honestly, by the time you get an hour to drive out to the pumpkin patch, you might not have the pick of the litter. There are pumpkins with frost bubbles, misshapen gourds that simply won’t stay up straight. You deserve the white, tall gorgeous pumpkin of your childhood dreams!Product DetailsThis bright white pumpkin is ten inches tall with a twisted vine on top. It’s lightweight so storing it when the holiday is over is easy. Autumn MixWant to make your front porch more festive than ever? Mix real pumpkins in with prop pumpkins like this one. Display it outside for a cheery autumn look or put together a beautiful indoor display for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Have a happy Halloween, no pumpkin patch needed!

Get into the Halloween spirit by decorating your table or front door with this 10″ Tall White Pumpkin.

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